8pm Friday 18th October - Freestyle Party & Lucky Dip Heats

Team Performance Workshop

All those who attended the 4-5.30pm workshop with Jacky and Ian take to the stage, performing what they learned in just 1.5 hours of glorious team work and footloose fun!


Teachers Spotlight

Prepare to be expertly entertained with 45 secs from each of our attending instructors in quick succession - a real feast for the eyes and ears!

8pm Saturday 19th October - Performances, Prize Giving & Party

Team Performance Champs Category

Can anyone beat The Singapore Sling Circus, 2018 winners of this category?
As a fun finish to the Champs heats, enjoy performances from Ceroc lovers around the world!


Emma Keating & Zac Skinner

This amazing dancing duo from Le Step on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia took our breath away with their slick performance at the Pan Asia Champs in Bangkok last year. Showing bold gutsy moves as well as smooth connection this is a performance we can all learn from and marvel at.


Jenny Atkins & Mathew Flemmer
New Zealand

Mathew and Jenny are Champion dancers from New Zealand, and very excited to be performing at the Pan Asia Championships for the first time.
Jenny has been dancing since she was 2 years old where she would partner dance with her teddy.
Mathew is known for his strength and presence. He’s a teacher on the local scene and is continually inspiring students to be their best.

Mathew and Jenny have hundreds of placings between them, and recently won Champions Freestyle, Open Freestyle and Showcase at the NZ Ceroc Champs.


Sarah Birtles & Shaun Diaz

Sarah and Shaun are champion level Modern Jive dancers, achieving numerous titles throughout Australia and New Zealand in Freestyle, Cabaret and DWAS since their partnership began in 2012.

Each with 15 years Modern Jive experience, as well as backgrounds in ballet, jazz and contemporary, Sarah and Shaun are passionate and enthusiastic performers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills with other dancers.